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Cybersecurity & Standards

CDT Joins CyberPeace Institute and Cybersecurity Tech Accord to Reiterate Call to Include Human Rights in UN Cybercrime Convention

In September 2021, CDT joined the cybersecurity community to sign onto a Multistakeholder Manifesto, emphasizing human-centric principles for a rights-respecting criminal justice framework. Our intention was to influence the UN’s Cybercrime Convention to respect civil liberties and human rights.

The UN Ad Hoc Committee’s revised draft, published in November of the previous year — and expected to be finalized in early February for UN General Assembly ratification — nonetheless continues to raise grave concerns. The draft fails to incorporate the multistakeholder principles and the input from accredited organizations provided during the two-year negotiation process. In response, we’ve joined once again with the CyberPeace Institute and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord to advocate for the inclusion of human rights principles in the treaty.

Read the Multistakeholder Manifesto.