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European Policy

CDT Joins Coalition Asking for Revision to Text and Data Mining Exception

CDT joined 19 organisations, including European universities, libraries, research organisations, and businesses in co-signing an open letter on the Text and Data Mining (TDM) exception in the proposal for a Copyright in the DSM Directive.

The letter is addressed to Members of the Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee of the European Parliament and Deputy Permanent Representatives of the 28 Member States, and calls on the revision of the TDM exception in the current copyright reform to be broadened to everyone who has lawful access to the data.

Under the current proposal, the beneficiaries of the TDM exception are limited to ‘research organisations’ and the exception only applies for the purpose of ‘scientific research’. If not expanded to other entities and purposes (e.g. journalism), the exception could potentially restrict the advancement of EU competitiveness and research.