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CDT Celebrates One Web Day

Today is One Web Day — a day to acknowledge the many ways in which the Internet has made and will make the world a better place. Some will engage in service projects to get more people online. Some will educate each other regarding the policy issues that will determine how online society develops. Some will organize group action to improve the Net. Some will just have a good time with friends.

This morning, the local DC celebration of OneWebDay included a panel presentation on Capitol Hill during which many “bold ideas” for the future of Internet were discussed. Everyone in the room seemed to share a certain optimism that the Net can help use deal with the challenges of health care, education, providing employment opportunity and more.

Because CDT Fellow David Post wrote the book about Jefferson’s moose (In Search of Jefferson’s Moose — Notes on the State of Cyberspace), we particularly like the “Moosical” that Mario Tosto published in honor of One Web Day.

CDT is celebrating by inviting you to read and sign “A Call to Defense and Celebration of the Online Commonwealth.” We think that would be a great way to celebrate this inspirational day.