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Free Expression

Amicus Brief of the Cato Institute, CDT, et al in the Matter of FCC Indecency Enforcement

Amici  curiae  submit  this  brief  in  support  of Respondents,  urging  the  Court  to  affirm  the judgment below that the FCC’s regulatory framework for  broadcast  television content is  unconstitutional.  Amici are nonprofit public interest organizations that advocate for consumer and citizen interests on a widerange  of  issues. Although  amici  often  appear  on opposite  sides  of  technology  policy  debates,  they  are united  in  their commitment  to  the First Amendment and  its  preference  for  technological  empowerment over  paternalistic  censorship. Amici have  a substantial  interest  in  this  case  because  the  FCC’s indecency-enforcement  regime  is  fundamentally inconsistent  with First  Amendment  rights  and inserts the  heavy  hand  of  government  into  the individual choices of consumers and parents.