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A Fitting Tribute to Leslie

CDT’s 2014 TechProm was filled with many memorable moments, including a strong and passionate keynote from our President Nuala O’Connor, the unveiling of an interactive website highlighting CDT’s incredible accomplishments over our first 20 years, and yes, the spectacular high school-esque wreath. For those that have been part of the CDT family through the years though, the tribute to our former President Leslie Harris was likely the most moving moment of the evening.

As always, TechProm was noisy and networky, so if you missed the tribute video to Leslie or weren’t able to attend, be sure to watch it below. CDT’s founder, Jerry Berman, captured Leslie’s impact the best when he said, “She doubled the staff, doubled the budget and expanded CDT to Europe.”

In her touching remarks, Leslie said she was most proud of the young tech policy leaders that came through CDT’s doors during her tenure. She has clearly been a mentor to many, and without question, she helped groom the next generation of brilliant tech policy advocates.

As Nuala said in her remarks, the best is yet to come, and Leslie is the reason we have such an incredible springboard to leap from.

Thank you Leslie!