State of the Net Conference 2024




600 14th Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20005


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State of the Net Conference 2024

Date: Monday, February 12, 2024

Time: 8 am – 7 pm EST

Every January the most prominent Internet stakeholders convene at the State of the Net Conference to debate and discuss the issues that will shape Internet policy during the year. In its 20th year, State of the Net (SOTN) is an opportunity to connect with colleagues across the spectrum of industry, government, and the public interest.

With Artificial Intelligence and content moderation in the news daily, it’s a critical time for our issues. Join the entire Internet policy community at SOTN on February 12, 2024. Student and Foundry discounts are available.


The State of the Net is America’s premier Internet policy conference series. It brings together Internet stakeholders in government and in the private sector to explore the potential of a decentralized global Internet to promote communications, commerce and democracy.

Panel: The AI Governance Puzzle: Assembling the Pieces of Policy and Trust

The AI governance landscape is evolving rapidly, with significant developments such as the White House’s AI Executive Order and NIST’s AI Risk Management Framework catalyzing legislative action to mitigate AI risks and enhance transparency. As state and local governments initiate their own regulatory measures, the crucial question facing policymakers is finding an equilibrium that fosters responsible innovation and cultivates public trust in AI technologies. This panel will delve into the current state of AI governance, assessing the practicality of various governance approaches that can be implemented in the near term versus those contingent on the maturation of AI standards. We’ll discuss the emerging frameworks, tools, and legislation poised to define the trajectory of AI governance.


  • Miranda Bogen, Director, AI Governance Lab, CDT
  • Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
  • Evangelos Razis, Senior Manager, Public Policy, Workday