Kevin Bankston speaks on a panel “Cyber in Securities” for Washington Project for the Arts



Artists are responding to the massive data collection that is a nearly unavoidable part of contemporary life in various ways, some by creating artworks that are distributed throughout networks and systems under their own control and rules. CYBER IN SECURITIES is an exhibition that addresses the growing concern among a cross-generational group of artists whose enthusiasm about new media is complicated by the suspicion that the good will of their shared digital consciousness is being used against them. 12 artists and art teams from across the US, Canada, and Europe will present a wide range of interactive media, unique technologies, and “take-aways” of works that simultaneously present themselves physically and as on-line data. This interactive exhibition will offer a variety of ephemera, performances (and performativity), downloadable apps, interaction with tablets and unique machines and systems that the artists programmed and built, interactive video, websites, imaging, and 3D printing. The works on display deal with issues of data-mining, family surveillance, algorithmic surveillance, marketing tactics, drones, government monitoring, and even DNA surveillance.