Joshua Gruenspecht will speak at the Cyber Infrastructure Protection conference

This Two-Day conference is a cyber security strategy and policy conference presented by the Center of Information Networking and Telecommunications (CINT) at the Grove School of  Engineering,  the Colin Powell Center for Public Policy, both at the City University of New York, City College (CCNY), and the Institute of Strategic Studies (SSI) at the Army War College.

The conference is follow-on to our earlier conference in 2009 and brings together government, business, and academic leaders to assess the vulnerability of our cyber infrastructure and provide strategic policy directions for the protection of such infrastructure.

There is a relentless struggle taking place in the cyber sphere as government and business spend billions attempting to secure sophisticated network and computer systems.  Cyber attackers are able to introduce new viruses, worms, and bots capable of defeating many of our efforts.  The U. S. Government has set a goal of modernizing the nation’s energy grid.  A cyber attack on our energy grid could cut off service to large areas of the country.  Government, business and academia must therefore work together to understand the threat and develop various modes of fighting cyber attacks, and to establish and enhance a framework for deep analysis for this multidimensional issue.

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