Sessions vs. Crypto: AG Nominee Supports Backdoors

This week, Senators will vote on the nomination of Jeff Sessions to lead the Department of Justice as Attorney General. But Senator Sessions’s response to a written question about encryption should give his colleagues great pause: Senator Leahy: Do you agree with NSA Director Rogers, Secretary Defense Carter, and other national security experts that strong encryption helps…

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President Trump Should Continue Justice Scalia’s First & Fourth Amendment Legacy

The Supreme Court has been short one justice for nearly a year, and President Trump is expected to announce a nominee for the vacant seat this week. While we do not yet know who that nominee will be, the President has repeatedly promised to fill the vacancy with a justice “very much” like the late Justice Antonin Scalia. While…

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Global Dignity Falls with the Stroke of a Pen

With the stroke of a pen, the new Administration has erased an important principle — the extension of Privacy Act coverage to non-U.S. persons for data about them held by the federal government. This means that both U.S. and non-U.S. persons could request to see the information DHS held on them, such as details from an immigration application, details of a citizen’s comings and goings from the country, and interactions with the government. The message this action sends is clear: people who don’t hold a U.S. passport or current green card are not entitled to the same dignity as those of us who do.

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The Beginning of the End of Sharing Banking Credentials

JPMorgan Chase and Intuit announced that they’ve agreed to a new model on bank login credentials and third-party access. It’s one that not only vastly improves the privacy and security of relationships between banks and third-party financial tools, but also improves how these kinds of apps work. The new process will eliminate cumbersome user interfaces for detailed account access information and will put more choice and control into the hands of consumers.

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Working Together To Make the Entire Internet More Secure

CDT was invited by the Free Speech Coalition to be part of a panel that addressed the importance of moving all websites to HTTPS. The adult industry, along with the news industry, are the two main sectors in the top website rankings that lag behind in using HTTPS. The goal of the XBiz panel was to share the why and how of HTTPS with the business decision makers in the industry.

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European Commission Strategy on Criminal Justice in Cyberspace Can Move the Debate Forward

As part of the European Agenda on Security, the European Commission committed to addressing, among many other things, the challenges law enforcement authorities face when obtaining digital evidence for cross-border criminal investigations. The Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention Committee’s progress report provides new and very relevant data that can help inform the efforts towards workable solutions

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