Standards for Artificial Intelligence Can Shape a More Secure and Equitable Future

Artificial intelligence today is exceedingly powerful. As its capabilities continue to grow, so too does public excitement and government interest in setting standards that will allow artificial intelligence to flourish. In this post, we’ll first discuss the landscape of AI and then how standards for AI might help government, business, research, and society better grapple with an automated future.

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The Right Questions: How Can We Assess Competition Concerns in Proposed Tech Mergers?

In the tech sector, merger review is of particular peril, as lawyers, economists, and policymakers strive to ascertain what makes this sector different, if anything. At CDT, we are developing criteria that will help assess whether a proposed tech transaction raises competition concerns. Our initial perspective is developing questions that are likely to be important in assessing transactions.

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Georgia’s Governor Vetoes Harmful School Safety Bill

The vetoing of the SB 15 bill gives the legislature a chance to reconsider how using data and technology to implement overbroad surveillance measures in schools could undermine the goal of keeping all students safe. CDT has highlighted what is missing from the school safety conversation, so it is our hope that the legislators will take this chance to focus on proven school safety strategies that consider the interests of all students.

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