Show Us the Data Voting Deadline Approaches

March 9th is the deadline for telling what unclassified government information you would like to see go online. This includes information, documents or data that you know exists–on paper or in government computers and databases–that would be of value to the public if posted and regularly updated on an agency’s Web site, but for whatever reason…

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Read the Bill: reading a billion dollars a minute

Some of the news coverage around the $787 billion stimulus bill has noted that legislators had only had 13 hours to read the final bill and conference report. Setting aside that most of those 13 hours were overnight, there are only 780 minutes in 13 hours, so legislators and their staff literally had one minute to read the…

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The Italian Job

How do you say very dangerous in Italian? How about Italian prosecutors filing criminal charges against four Google executives for the content of a video posted by a user. By all accounts, the video – an ugly three minute display featuring teenagers bullying a boy with Down’s syndrome – was quickly removed from the site and Google helped…

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Brief Says Don’t Treat RAM as “Stored Information”

CDT joined EFF and Public Knowledge in a legal brief yesterday arguing that data that is fleetingly held in RAM shouldn’t be subject to discovery, the process by which parties to litigation can demand access to records and documents. Sound arcane? Maybe. But the principle is actually pretty simple. Litigants have to share relevant records with each…

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Neither a Retreat Nor an Imprimatur

The online advertising industry took a collective deep breath Thursday as the Federal Trade Commission issued its much-anticipated report outlining self-regulatory guidelines for the online behavioral advertising. Although behavioral ad networks already follow their own voluntary guidelines in the Network Advertising Initiative (which was updated just two months ago), we think it’s pretty clear from…

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Show Us the Data!

Today, CDT and launched Show Us The Data: Most Wanted Federal Government Documents, a website created with lots of help from our friends at Sunlight Labs. CDT and are setting out to identify the ten most wanted government documents, reports or data sets that should be on the Web – but are missing because…

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CRS Reports ‘Set Free’ by Wikileaks

Over the weekend released thousands of Congressional Research Reports that have not been on the Internet in the past. It also seems that Wikileaks now has found a source to get all new and updated reports. For years CDT has run the Open CRS project as a way to provide access to CRS reports. OpenCRS has…

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Ads With Eyes

Digital advertising displays with the ability to collect information about consumers are proliferating in stores, airports and public places. It is time for the companies involved to pay attention to privacy. The digital signage industry is aggressively pushing for ways to track consumers. By using facial recognition cameras and other devices, the industry seeks…

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Dead and Gone, Again

Presidents come and go but attempts at Internet censorship just never die, until now… or until next time. The Supreme Court late last month drove a wooden stake into the heart of a ten-year-old court battle over an Internet censorship law called the “Children’s Online Protection Act” or COPA. The bill was unconstitutional before the ink signing it…

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