A ‘Diavlog’ on ‘The Plot to Kill Google’

CDT Vice President Ari Schwartz and Wired magazine writer Nick Johnson discuss Johnson’s latest article, "The Plot to Kill Google," in a "diavlog" on Below is a clip from that discussion in which Schwartz and Johnson talk about the culture of privacy–or the lack thereof–inside Google itself. To view the entire discussion, go…

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It’s Official: Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is Official – Last night the US House unanimously passed a resolution declaring tomorrow, January 28, officially Data Privacy Day. CDT staff will be speaking at many events this week in honor of data privacy day, so keep an eye on our events calendar.Data Privacy Day is Official – Last night…

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Of President and Blackberry

Listen to CDT Vice President Ari Schwartz discuss the issues surrounding President Obama’s continued use of a Blackberry-like device during an appearance on NPR’s On the Media radio show :

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White House Web Site Now ‘Crawler’ Friendly

The minute President Obama assumed his office, before he had even taken his oath, was updated to reflect the new executive. As expected, the new used some of the tools that were used online throughout the campaign. In addition, became drastically more accessible to search engines with an update to its robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a…

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E-Gov 2.0 in Action

Last week we blogged (Part I and Part 2 ) about how current federal policies around the use of Internet technologies may need to be updated to keep pace with the past few years’ advances in both privacy protection and technological sophistication. We highlighted how the current…

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Obama Puts FOIA Back On Track

In our recommendations to the Obama Transition Team, our first priority in moving toward a more transparent government was the suggestion to re-implement the presumption of disclosure with regard to government information covered under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). That was the stance taken during the Clinton administration. Today, on the first day of his administration, President…

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Deconstructing Reaction to Net Safety Task Force Report

Now that the dust is settling on the release of the Final Report of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, I want to highlight a few important points that have been raised this week. The Task Force was formed through an agreement between MySpace and 49 state Attorneys General to look at technology that might be used to…

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A New Cookie Policy for E-Gov 2.0: Part 2

It’s one thing to say that the government’s cookie policy needs to change to offer users more control, as we did in Part I of this post. But it’s another thing to create a policy that both protects user privacy and allows for the use of cookies on federal Web sites. The internal and external controls for cookies…

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A New Cookie Policy for eGov 2.0 – Part I

The Obama Administration’s promise to increase citizen participation in government using Web 2.0 technologies is already raising questions; current federal policies may need to change in order to take full advantage of such technologies. Challenges to successful use of these technologies will, no doubt, come from a variety of places: legal, policy, security and privacy. Ingrained…

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