Decisive Section 230 Victory for GoDaddy in Revenge Porn Case

Late last week, a Texas appeals court handed down what should be an uncontroversial decision in part of the ongoing litigation. The opinion reverses last year’s misguided decision declining to dismiss claims brought against GoDaddy on the basis of user-generated content on its customer’s site. I wrote about the case then, arguing that GoDaddy was clearly protected under Section 230 of the Communications Act, and the court was plainly mistaken and the order should be reversed. The appeals court agreed.

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CDT, Allies Urge Court To Reverse Course on ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ Takedown

CDT and seven other free expression advocates have filed a legal brief urging a federal court to reconsider its order taking down the controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ video. As we wrote when it was made public in late February, the decision in Garcia v. Google to order the video’s removal on dubious copyright grounds will set a dangerous precedent for online free expression if it is allowed to stand.

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CDT Submits Comments to the UN on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

CDT responded this week to a United Nations consultation regarding the right to privacy in the digital age. CDT’s submission focused on the importance of increased transparency in surveillance laws and practices, the impact of bulk collection of communications data on the right to privacy, and obligations of states to respect the privacy rights of all people, regardless of citizenship or location.

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Don’t Let Domestic Politics Derail the NTIA Transition

Several weeks ago, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced that it intends to transition its domain name system-related responsibilities and stewardship role to the global multistakeholder community. While the announcement has been welcomed as an expected and natural evolution of Internet governance mechanisms by many in the US and around the world, it has also triggered loud outcry from some politicians in the US.

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