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Government Surveillance

TechFreedom & Brennan Center Join CDT in Urging Supreme Court to Protect Privacy at the Border in Merchant v. Mayorkas

The Center for Democracy is urging the Supreme Court to determine whether Customs and Border Protection officials can search cell phones, computers, and other digital devices of travelers who cross the U.S. border, even when those officials have no suspicion that the device contains digital contraband.

Joined by TechFreedom and the Brennan Center, our amicus brief in support of the petition for certiorari in Merchant v. Mayorkas argues that a warrant should be required because such searches can reveal a wealth of information about the traveler and the traveler’s activities and associations. In earlier proceedings, this case was captioned Alasaad v. Wolf, and CDT filed a previous amicus brief with the First Circuit Court of Appeals in favor the plaintiffs.

Read the full brief here.

Read our previous brief in this case (formerly Alasaad v. Wolf) here.