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Cybersecurity & Standards, Equity in Civic Technology, Privacy & Data

Short Training Module: Cyberinsurance and Cybersecurity

CDT’s short module on cyberinsurance and cybersecurity in schools, including the prioritization of impactful practices. Blue background with white text. Blue and black backpack surrounded by a blue and purple data trail.

Practitioner training plays a vital role in ensuring that schools, local and state education agencies, and other education organizations use data and technology responsibly. CDT provides a suite of training modules that cover key principles of student privacy protection, cybersecurity, digital equity, and related issues. Here’s our full catalog of training modules.

As schools are increasingly targets for cyberattacks, many are considering cyberinsurance policies to help mitigate the potential impact of these attacks. However, cyberinsurance policies can also provide guidance for schools to focus their resources on the most impactful measures to improve their cybersecurity posture.

CDT’s latest training materials guide tech leaders on how to take advantage of cyberinsurance screening questionnaires to identify effective cybersecurity improvements to make their systems more robust and secure. The training covers cybersecurity practices like:

  • Providing training for school staff,
  • Maintaining system backups, and
  • Ensuring the school maintains retention and deletion policies.

The training includes a standalone video, slide deck, and review worksheet

Cyberinsurance company applications provide an overview of important cybersecurity improvements schools can make to their systems. This training will help tech leaders identify these improvements and clarify the benefits they confer.

Watch the module’s video here.

View the module’s slide deck here.

View the module’s review worksheet here.