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AI Policy & Governance, Free Expression, Privacy & Data

Get to Know CDT’s Fellows: Hannah Bloch-Wehba

Hannah Bloch-Wehba is an Assistant Professor of Law at Drexel University Kline School of Law. She is also one of CDT’s non-resident Fellows, engaging with our policy teams to provide valuable insights. In this Q & A we get to learn more about Hannah and her current work. 

Why did you become a CDT fellow? 

I became a fellow to engage with CDT on cutting-edge issues related to free expression, privacy, and surveillance, and to be a part of a community focused on the real-world applications of academic research in law and policy.

What is your current research focus?

I’m writing about the challenges that algorithmic decisionmaking poses to civil liberties, accountability, and transparency.

What is the most pressing internet policy question of today?

How should we ensure that automated decisionmaking is explainable, accountable, and fair?

What issues do you think more students should be studying?

More students who study technology should learn about criminal justice and immigration, because it is in these environments that new “innovations” in surveillance and law enforcement are often first introduced. The converse is equally true: students who study criminal justice and immigration should study the role of technology in altering and amplifying the power of law enforcement and surveillance.

What advice do you have for aspiring tech & internet academics?

This community is both generous and tightly knit. Don’t be shy, reach out! I benefited greatly from the advice of folks who came before me, and most of us are eager to pay it forward.

What’s a passion or hobby you have outside of tech & the internet?

I love elaborate cooking and baking projects, am an avid runner, and am learning to throw pots.