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Tech Talk: The Year Ahead in EU Tech Policy

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

CDT’s Tech Talk is a podcast where we dish on tech and Internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. You can find Tech Talk on SoundCloud iTunes, and Google Play.

It will be a very busy year in tech and internet policy in Europe, with a number of major policies rolling out, including the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy regulation. In this episode, our Brussels-based EU policy team, Jens Henrik-Jeppesen and Laura Blanco preview the year ahead. 

Then we talk about how New York City is leading the way in addressing issues of fairness, accountability, and transparency when it comes to using automated decision-making technologies. Yes, when a government deploys AI to make civic decisions, the public should be very informed and involved and CDT’s Natasha Duarte sheds light on how.

For those just wanting to hear about EU tech policy, the special episode can be found here.

And for everyone who wants both incredible segments, enjoy below!