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Tech Talk: Allied for Startups and Asserting Creative Control

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

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Melissa Blaustein of Allied for Startups

Today we’ll be talking about global startups and tech policy. Political leaders love to talk about job creation and innovation, and they love when new businesses start in their communities. But are these lawmakers effectively engaging entrepreneurs and startups in policy debates, and do these startups know the most effective ways to engage? Allied for Startups is working to address these challenges and its founder, Melissa Blaustein, joined us to tell us how they are doing this. 

We’ll also talk about intellectual property laws, which most certainly impact startups. Our Free Expression Fellow, Taylor Moore, tells us about a legal clinic she is helping launch for all creators aimed at helping them take control of their IP. She also discusses her forthcoming paper on IP and social justice. Yes, they are very much connected.