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Short Training Module: Ransomware in Schools

CDT’s short module on ransomeware in education, including best practices for prevention & mitigation. Blue background with white text. Blue and black backpack surrounded by a blue and purple data trail.

This training module is part of a series of trainings from CDT on student privacy protection. Check out our other training modules on Covid-19 and student privacy, maintaining privacy and equity in different educational models, cybersecurity for educators and administrators, and algorithms in education.

Schools are regular targets for ransomware attacks, particularly as remote and hybrid learning has increased their reliance on technology. These attacks can rob students of critical instructional time, disrupt school operations like payroll or communications, and pull much needed resources from other areas.

CDT’s latest training materials guide education practitioners and tech leaders on how to strengthen their systems to limit the likelihood of a successful ransomware attack, and how to mitigate the impact if they do fall victim to an attack. The training covers preventative steps like cybersecurity measures and backup techniques, and mitigation preparation techniques like preparing alternate communication channels and practicing restoring systems.

The training is available as a standalone video, slide deck, and review worksheet

Preparation and good cybersecurity is an essential part of maintaining systems in a time when schools are a regular target of cyber attacks. This training aims to assist tech leaders in educational contexts to prevent or prepare for ransomware attacks.

Watch the module’s video here.

View the module’s slide deck here.

View the module’s review worksheet here.