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Privacy & Data

COVID-19 and Student Privacy: Do’s and Dont’s for State and Local Practitioners

New educational technologies, tools, and workflows fill an essential role in allowing schools to continue to serve their student populations amidst COVID-19. However, they also raise a novel set of privacy issues that warrant careful attention from state and local practitioners. CDT’s Student Privacy team has prepared training materials designed to equip state and local education practitioners to incorporate student privacy protections into their COVID-19 response.

The training material includes a narrated video, a question-answer worksheet for review, and a copy of the slides in downloadable format. These materials cover key issues including:

  • Legal requirements surrounding student privacy and data protection;
  • Technical best practices for implementing new technologies and workflows;
  • Governance strategies that ensure administrative decisions are sensitive to student privacy issues;
  • Further resources on addressing student privacy issues in the context of COVID-19.

The training material is also available online in an interactive format, which can be accessed here.

In light of today’s turbulent educational context, an understanding of these privacy protection principles will ensure that education technology is used effectively and responsibly during the coronavirus pandemic.