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CDT Joins Letter Urging Social Media Platforms to Fight Disinformation, Protect Democracy in Advance of Upcoming Elections

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) joins more than 120 organizations in urging social media companies to prevent the spread of election disinformation. Protecting our democracy must be the top priority.

People must have access to accurate information about where & how to vote. CDT urges social media companies to combat online voter suppression & we’ve highlighted the crucial role that elections officials can play as well.

Election disinformation is also a threat to democracies worldwide — action is needed not just in the U.S., but everywhere elections are happening.

From the letter –

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, Mr. Pichai, Ms. Wojcicki, Mr. Agrawal, Mr. Chew, Mr. Spiegel, and Mr.

With the 2022 midterm elections fast approaching, online disinformation continues to confuse,
intimidate, and harass voters, suppress the right to vote or otherwise disrupt our democracy. As
discussed in greater detail below, we call on your platforms to take several affirmative actions
well in advance of the midterm elections to combat election disinformation.

Read the full letter + list of signatories here.