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Free Expression, Open Internet

CDT Joins Letter Opposing Antitrust Exemption for Group Boycotts by Publishers and Broadcasters

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) joined a cross-section of organizations in a letter to House and Senate leaders strongly urging them not to include the Journalism Competition and Protection Act in the National Defense Authorization Act or any other must-pass legislative package. As explained in the letter, the JCPA does not protect competition or local journalism. In fact, it does the opposite. Among its many significant problems:

  • It would create an ill-advised and unprecedented antitrust exemption to allow already-powerful publishers and broadcasters to marshal their muscle to impose a group boycott on an online platform’s ability to share news and information with the public, unless the platform accedes to their demands.
  • It would force platforms to carry the content of publishers and broadcasters regardless of how extreme their content — and pay for the privilege of doing so.
  • It would upend fundamental copyright protections and free speech rights.

This is not a sound solution to the problems facing local journalism, and should not be passed into law.

Read the full letter + list of signatories here.