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CDT Joins Civil Society Letter Urging Governor to Sign the Vermont Data Privacy Act

On May 23, CDT joined other civil society groups sending a letter urging Vermont governor Phil Scott to sign the Vermont Data Privacy Act. The bill includes some of the nation’s strongest privacy protections to date and offers a new model for protecting consumers personal information.

From the letter:

The undersigned organizations and individuals urge you to sign H. 121, the Vermont Data Privacy Act, which contains some of the strongest state-level privacy rules in the nation. Signing the Vermont Data Privacy Act would extend to Vermont consumers critical new privacy protections, including default limits on businesses’ collection of information through a data minimization standard, a ban on the sale of sensitive data, strong civil rights protections, and the right for individuals to seek redress in courts when large businesses violate the law. H. 121 received wide-ranging support from Vermont legislators of all political parties, demonstrating how vital this legislation is to protect Vermonters’ privacy.

Read the full letter here.