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AI Policy & Governance, Free Expression

CDT and Civil Society Partners Urge Congress to Protect Artists, Creators, and Free Expression as it Examines Possible Misuse of AI Technologies 

On February 1, 2024, CDT joined EFF, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, TechFreedom, Fight for the Future, and R Street Institute sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee praising the Committee’s examination of ways to maximize AI’s benefits while minimizing harms to artists, creators, and the general public. We also raised concerns with two pieces of legislation before Congress that are intended to protect artists and creators, but in practice would have widespread consequences for the communities it seeks to protect and for free expression in general. We look forward to working with policymakers as they continue to examine AI and its benefits and impacts.

From the letter:

We applaud Congress for its desire to protect consumers and creators. Unfortunately, the No AI FRAUD Act and NO FAKES Act would make the situation worse rather than better. Congress should carefully consider how existing laws can solve potential threats from emerging technologies and fill any gaps through narrowly tailored solutions that preserve free expression online and are consistent with the Constitution


American Civil Liberties Union

Center for Democracy & Technology

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fight for the Future

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)

R Street Institute