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AI Open Letters for European Commission and the JURI Committee

The European Commission is set to publish a Communication on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on 25 April 2018, in which it will put forward a strategy to stimulate development and boost investment in this field in Europe. We agree that AI, machine learning and data analytics offer vast potential for economic growth and increased competitiveness in Europe; an objective to be supported.

However, it is worrisome to see the draft Communication on AI does not recognise the foundational role that Text and Data Mining (TDM) plays in AI. It seems contradictory for the Commission to call for a robust AI strategy, while pushing for a restrictive TDM exception within the Copyright Directive proposal (Article 3). In various open letters addressed to the European institutions, we join a broad range of stakeholders in calling for the adoption a broader TDM exception in the Copyright Directive, in view of supporting the objective of making Europe a global leader in AI.

Open Letter to European Commission.

Open Letter to JURI Committee.