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A Letter from Our President: We Have Work to Do


Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I have been reflecting on this unprecedented election, and where we — as a country and digital community — go from here. For CDT, our answer is simple: we roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Administrations and their priorities may change, but our commitment to ensuring that technology is a force for good will never waver.

The chasm between sides in this election seems very wide right now. But no matter the issue, CDT will reach across industry sectors, political divisions, and divergent viewpoints to find common ground. Our nonpartisan, pragmatic policymaking is needed now more than ever. And CDT will remain true to our core work advancing civil rights: championing free speech online, pushing back against government surveillance, and working to shape an inclusive and respectful digital society.

Democracy is hard. We must fortify it together, day in and day out. Please help CDT advance our shared vision of an online community that elevates democracy and equality. Visit our website at to make a gift or to learn more about our work.





Nuala O’Connor

President & CEO