Tech Talk: A New Threat to Net Neutrality and Leveraging Technology to Improve Global Health

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2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

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Talking tech with Ferras Vinh

For those who thought the net neutrality debate was settled when broadband internet services were reclassified by the FCC under Title II, you were sorely mistaken. New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is gunning for the strong open internet rules and wants to overturn the Title II protections. We discuss the Chairman’s proposal with CDT’s new Policy Counsel Ferras Vinh. 

After that we talk to Anne LaFond of John Snow, Inc. about technology and global health. When trying to address an issue as complicated as improving health globally, data and technology can play a huge role in informing the best approaches. Anne shares her insights on how JSI is leveraging data to help make the world healthier. She was also kind enough to share some links to JSI’s work, some evaluation results, and a case study from Ghana

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