Working Groups

CDT’s working groups bring together companies, trade associations, public interest groups, technologists, academics, and other stakeholders to exchange views and seek consensus solutions to Internet policy challenges. Participation in CDT’s working groups ensures you are engaged and informed on the policy issues that will shape the future of the Internet and new technologies.

Digital Privacy and Security Working Group (DPSWG)
Incredibly active in light of the revelations of NSA surveillance practices,  DPSWG focuses on cybersecurity and privacy issues associated with government access to communications. This group’s work on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act led to the spin-off of the Digital Due Process coalition ( and the introduction of landmark legislation, and has been the foundation for numerous collaborative efforts to end mass government surveillance.

Internet Privacy Working Group (IPWG)
As technology becomes more ubiquitous, consumer privacy becomes an increasingly important issue. This group focuses on consumer privacy issues and discusses how to reconcile privacy with free expression rights, while formulating positions on privacy regulations being proposed globally.

Free Speech and Intermediaries Working Group (FSWG)
FSWG provides a forum for content producers, providers and intermediaries to share information about pending litigation, legislative proposals and other policy initiatives that impact the free exchange of information via the Internet. Members exchange ideas regarding free expression, censorship, filtering and the role of intermediaries with the goal of supporting the open, user-controlled Internet.

Health Privacy Working Group (HPWG)
HPWG will work on critical issues such as how law and policy should address health information outside of HIPAA, how using customer data for corporate research can be privacy-protective, ethical, and beneficial to the social good, and the balance between open data and individual privacy rights. In addition, HPWG will tackle emerging topics in health privacy, such as the deployment of biometric measuring and body monitoring technologies and the impact of employee wellness programs.