Yona Tali Roberts Golding. Wearing hoop earrings, a white scarf wrapped around their neck, and a white shirt with a light colored sweater vest over it. Fading orange sunlight from the right, with a bright blue sky and blue body of water behind them. Arm extended above, leaning against a tree.

Yona Tali Roberts Golding

Programs and Operations Associate

Yona Tali Roberts Golding was the Programs and Operations Associate at the Center for Democracy and Technology, where she supported the organization’s operational infrastructure.

Before joining CDT, Yona worked with two grassroots Jewish community non-profits and as a user researcher at Google Ads. While in Silicon Valley, she became interested in tech justice and data privacy issues, which led her to CDT. Yona holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

When not working or pondering non-profit administrative strategy, Yona likes to watch movies, write, and take long walks around the neighborhood, among other things.