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George Sadowsky

George Sadowsky

In 2007 I ended a 7-year span of employment with Internews Network in the area of Internet and ICT policy, with direct application in field projects in about 20 developing countries. The objective of these initiatives was for the most part to assist countries in redefining and evolving their policy environment — their legal system, their regulatory structure, and related policies — so that the benefits of the Internet, as well those deriving from related ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) can be more rapidly and more fully realized by all sectors of the society.

I was recently nominated to the Board of Directors of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, for a three year term from 2009 to 2012, and I expect that this will be a demanding and fulfilling assignment. In addition, I involve myself in a variety of consulting assignments, and am looking from time to time for new and interesting projects. New activities should meet the following criteria, admittedly subjective:

  • Are the objectives of the activity worthwhile?
  • Are there good people with whom I will be working?
  • Is the compensation (psychic, monetary, or the combination) adequate?
  • Is it enjoyable? Will it be fun?

I expect to continue to maintain an active involvement with my profession, engaging in a mix of entrepreneurial activity and pro bono contributions. These activities rest on a base of computing, networking, and communications technologies and apply to education and to economic and social development.

I remain committed to helping to spread the Internet to and within developing countries and developing regions of the world and helping people to exploit it, thereby improving education, government, health practice and services, and opportunities for local entrepreneurship activity. This blend of activities continues the work in developing countries that I’ve been involved in more or less continuously since 1973.