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Courts and Insurance Companies Need to Realize Fitness Data Can Be Spoofed

Vice Motherboard: “For that interaction within the healthcare system, security is clearly important as well as trust,” Michelle De Mooy, deputy director of consumer privacy at the Center for Democracy and Technology, wrote. “Outside of a provider relationship, in an employee wellness program, for example, the implications of a wearable device being spoofed or hacked is concerning because the data may be shared more widely and there is no accountability for such violations.”

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Audit Finds Slipshod Cybersecurity at

Associated Press –– Among the policy mistakes: User sessions were not encrypted, contrary to standard practice on financial websites. “Not doing so is inexcusable for such sensitive data,” said Michelle De Mooy, deputy director for consumer privacy at the Center for Democracy & Technology, an Internet rights group.

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For Health Data, Big Isn’t Better

Information technology is helping to transform the way healthcare is delivered and managed, just as it has transformed so much of our daily lives. But making use of sensitive personal data carries risks, and every step must be taken to ensure that individuals’ most intimate information is protected against security breaches and misuse. That’s why we are concerned about…

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