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FBI’s “Going Dark” Claims Now Even More Dubious

Is strong encryption causing the FBI to “go dark”, blocking access to evidence from criminal investigations? That claim has long been dubious, and a new report from the Washington Post, confirming that that FBI inflated the number of locked devices it cannot open by at least 4x, makes the claim even less credible. CDT advocates for strong encryption to keep our daily communications secure and protect information and networks across sectors.

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White House Releases Information On Vulnerability Equities Process

Today, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Rob Joyce released information about the Vulnerability Equities Process (VEP), which determines whether the U.S. government discloses or exploits cybersecurity flaws that it finds or learns about in companies’ products and services. The complicated and important process has implications for cybersecurity, privacy, and economic competitiveness, and the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) has previously pushed for the process to be more transparent to the public.

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Overreaching Judicial Order Blocks WhatsApp in Brazil

Today, a judge in Brazil issued an order to immediately and indefinitely block access to the popular WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted messaging service in Brazil. For each day that it does not comply with the judicial order, WhatsApp faces fines of 50,000 reais (about $15,300). It is judicial overreach and a violation of free expression rights to deprive Brazilians of their preferred communications channel, and CDT applauds WhatsApp for continuing to provide a secure means of communication to its billions of users worldwide.

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