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Audit Finds Slipshod Cybersecurity at

Associated Press –– Among the policy mistakes: User sessions were not encrypted, contrary to standard practice on financial websites. “Not doing so is inexcusable for such sensitive data,” said Michelle De Mooy, deputy director for consumer privacy at the Center for Democracy & Technology, an Internet rights group.

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GE Reports/Ideas: It’s the Digital Age –– We Have Rights

Nuala guest writes for GE’s Reports/Ideas: Every time I hear someone use the phrase the “Internet of Things,” I instantly want to remind them that it is still the Internet of people. Yes, it is becoming the Internet of Everything — everything connected, from our cars to our clothing — but regardless of what is connected, the information being collected is still about us. It’s about the way we communicate, eat, move, live and love.

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Guardian: Congress warned that drones present ‘a nightmare scenario for civil liberties’

The Guardian: House committee considering future of US airspace worries about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) filming football games but silent on law enforcement use … Harley Geiger of the Center for Democracy and Technology warned the assembled legislators that they must heed privacy concerns before making the skies free for drones. “Here is a nightmare scenario for civil liberties: a network of law…

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