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Quinn: White House asks Silicon Valley for terrorism help

Mercury News: “It sounds like there is a strong focus on counter-messaging, and that’s a good thing,” said Emma Llanso, director of the Center for Democracy & Technology’s Free Expression Project. “What’s not clear is whether the government is also talking about content censorship. That would raise big concerns.

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Twitter revives Politwoops, the tool that preserves politicians’ deleted tweets

CSM: “With both of these decisions – with either Politwoops stays up or Politwoops gets kicked off… – Twitter’s making a judgment call,” says Emma Llanso, Director of Free Expression at the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington. “Do we stand by the letter of our terms, and enforce them across the board for all users, or do they stay true to the higher principles they’ve always talked about, about preserving free speech?”

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Washington Post: Facebook wouldn’t let a Catholic priest use the title ‘father.’ Now he’s fighting back.

For members of the clergy, how essential is that aspect of their public selves? And who gets to decide that? On Facebook, it’s the company that decides, a policy which has set off renewed public debate in recent weeks after a prominent D.C. Catholic priest – who also is a national columnist – was locked out by Facebook because his clerical title was listed as part of his name on his personal page. The fresh debate about what titles are allowed on Facebook reflects two intense, complex issues of American life in 2015: the place of institutional religion in the public square and the question of identity online. In this case, the two aren’t related but overlap.

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