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CDT’s Comments to European Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG)’s Draft Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

The Center for Democracy & Technology supports the High-Level Expert Group (HLEG)’s efforts to develop guidelines for trustworthy AI and appreciates the opportunity to comment on this draft. While we agree that trustworthiness is a key objective for any system, the HLEG must also acknowledge the limitations of current methods for mitigating bias in machine learning models.

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Letter to Newman & Saunders re: New York City’s Automated Decision Systems Task Force

Dear Task Force Chairs Newman and Saunders: The undersigned organizations and individuals write to offer recommendations to the Automated Decision Systems Task Force, which is mandated by Local Law 49 of 2018. This is an important opportunity to ensure that emerging technologies, like automated decisions systems, are adopted and implemented fairly and equitably to serve all New Yorkers.

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CDT Comments to the U.S. State Department on Proposed Collection of Visa Applicants' Social Media Information

CDT urges the State Department to withdraw the agency’s proposed information collection under Public Notices 10260 and 10261. The proposal asks all immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants to provide social media identifiers, and email addresses used in the past five years, among other information. This astronomical collection would have an immediate impact on 14.7 million visa applicants, and thousands, if not millions, more third parties whose data could be collaterally reviewed.

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Mixed Messages? The Limits of Automated Social Media Content Analysis

This paper explains the capabilities and limitations of tools for analyzing the text of social media posts and other online content. It is intended to help policymakers understand and evaluate available tools and the potential consequences of using them, and focuses specifically on the use of natural language processing (NLP) tools for analyzing the text of social media posts.

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