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CDT Amicus Curiae Brief in People v. Charter Communications and Spectrum Management Holding Company

CDT filed a brief supporting the New York AG’s position in the pending appeal of People v. Charter Communications and Spectrum Management Holding Company, in which we focused on two issues: that the Federal Communications Commission’s Transparency Rule (the only rule slated to survive the net neutrality repeal) should not preempt New York’s consumer protection laws and that consumers are right to expect their broadband speeds to match advertised claims.

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Setting the Record Straight on Broadband Privacy – Myths & Facts

In March 2017, Congress rolled back the federal broadband privacy rules – since then, in dozens of states legislators have introduced bills attempting to restore the privacy protections Congress wiped away. In an effort to oppose state privacy legislation, some groups have resorted to making misleading arguments about the bills and about the state of U.S. consumer privacy. CDT has reviewed these misleading arguments –– and set the record straight.

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Illinois Geolocation Bill Testimony, HB 3449

CDT supports the passage of Illinois HB 3449 because it requires companies to ask for permission before they use an individual’s precise geolocation information. We believe that HB 3449 is common sense legislation that protects consumers while avoiding overly burdensome or costly compliance requirements for companies.

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CDT Opposes Reconsideration of FCC Broadband Privacy Rules

The Commission created a balanced set of rules that give consumers meaningful control over their personal information while maintaining flexibility for telecommunications companies to use data for improving services, crafting new technologies, and advertising. Petitioners’ efforts to weaken the rules are not supported by the record and contradict the Commission’s own guidance. They would expose internet users to unnecessary privacy and data security risks and undermine consumer trust in the broadband market.

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Protecting Broadband Privacy, FCC Reply Comments

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) respectfully submits these reply comments in response to the public comments filed as part of the Federal Communications Commission’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding proposed rules to protect the privacy of customers of broadband and other telecommunications services. CDT is a nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation, and…

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Letter to Wheeler on Broadband Privacy Rulemaking

March 16, 2016 Tom Wheeler Chairman Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20554 Re: Broadband Privacy Rulemaking Dear Chairman Wheeler: In the last two years, the civil rights community has begun analyzing the potential disproportionate impact of data collection and use practices on the constituencies we represent. In 2014, many of our organizations adopted the Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data….

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Broadband Privacy Letter to Tom Wheeler

Dear Chairman Wheeler: The undersigned organizations urge you to commence a rulemaking as soon as possible to protect the privacy of broadband consumers. As Commissioner Julie Brill of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated in a recent speech on broadband and privacy, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reclassification of broadband as a Title II common carrier service adds it as “a brawnier cop on the beat” on privacy issues.

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