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Infosec Toolkit for Election Volunteering

From federal data breaches to foreign governments phishing political campaigns to malware shutting down city services, our nation is under attack. You can help – starting right in your own community. Local and state officials are working to build a more resilient electoral process, but their capacity is limited. They need civic-minded infosec professionals to combine their knowledge and talents as technical volunteers for Election Day and beyond. The information below will help you understand the election process and provide tips on how you can get involved.

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Comment on USTelecom Petition to FCC

USTelecom petitioned the FCC to stop enforcing requirements (known as forbearance) that allow smaller ISPs to access broadband infrastructure at wholesale rates. In order for the petition to succeed, USTelecom has to provide evidence to meet statutory requirements and demonstrate that forbearance is in the public interest. In this comment, we address how USTelecom did not provide enough evidence to meet these requirements; and conclude that the petition should be denied.

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