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CDT's Comments on the Bermuda Regulatory Authority's Open Internet Consultation

CDT submitted comments as part of the Bermuda Regulatory Authority’s Open Internet Consultation. CDT believes that the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has crafted a strong set of proposals that are likely to provide adequate safeguards to preserve internet openness. We generally take a positive view of all the proposals in the consultation document and offer more specific recommendations on the policies for zero-rating, traffic management, ISP obligations, and end-users’ right to access and distribute content of their choice.

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Chris Calabrese's Testimony Before PCLOB on "Countering Terrorism While Protecting Privacy and Civil Liberties: Where Do We Stand in 2019?"

We applaud the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) for holding a public forum on the current state of affairs of civil liberties and privacy in the fight against terrorism, which is of course central to PCLOB’s mission. In testimony before PCLOB, Chris Calabrese discusses the important role that PCLOB plays in this area, and encourages PCLOB to focus on four initiatives.

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Comments to the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security on Export Controls

The Bureau of Industry and Security of the Department of Commerce solicited public comments on the criteria for identifying emerging technologies that are essential to U.S. national security. We hope this initial opportunity for public input helps BIS to better understand how the proposal will impact the numerous companies and institutions in the commercial and academic sectors developing emerging technologies, as well as the related technical communities with a vested interest in the impacts of emerging technologies on security and human rights.

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