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Open Letter to Rapporteur Axel Voss on EU Copyright Reform

On 24 April, CDT joined over 50 organisations in an open letter addressed to rapporteur and MEP Axel Voss on the EU copyright reform. The letter focuses on the concerns surrounding the European Commission’s proposal for a neighbouring right for press publishers under Article 11 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive. We call on Mr Voss to delete Article 11 and instead consider proposing a legal presumption.

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Over 145 Organizations Ask Council to Adopt More Cautious and Evidence-Based Approach

On 26 April 2018, over 145 organisations sent an open letter on the EU copyright reform to the EU Member State Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors. The letter raises many concerns ahead of the meeting of the COREPER on 27 April, in which the Bulgarian Council Presidency wants EU Member States to endorse their latest copyright proposal. The letter emphasizes that there are still many legal uncertainties and potential unintended consequences of the proposals, which overall require a more cautious decision-making process. 

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Open Letter in Light of the Competitiveness Council on 30 November 2017

On 30 November, CDT joined over 80 organisations in signing an open letter on the EU copyright reform addressed to the Ministers attending the Competitiveness Council (COMPET), as well as to relevant representatives of other EU institutions. In one sentence, we voice our persisting concerns over the current state of affairs of the discussions in the Council and European Commission on the proposal for a Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM) Directive. In an Annex, the letter refers to 29 letters and analyses carried out by various European stakeholders and experts, which highlight the negative impact of the current proposal, particularly in Articles 13 (monitoring and filtering of user uploads), 11 (press publishers’ rights) and 3 (text and data mining exception). 

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Summary of Meeting with the Digital Agenda Intergroup of the European Parliament

On 6 September 2017, the Digital Agenda Intergroup of the European Parliament and CDT held a closed roundtable on removing illegal content online while protecting human rights. This is a summary of the debate held under Chatham House rules. The event focused on challenges to existing intermediary liability limitations, and free expression, from the DSM Copyright Directive Art. 13, as well as the need for consistent and harmonized notice and action procedures across the EU.

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CDT Signs Open Letter on the EU Copyright Reform

CDT joined over 60 civil society and trade associations in signing an open letter addressed to the Ministers attending the Competitiveness Council and European Parliament Rapporteur MEP Therese Comodini Cachia and her colleagues, highlighting the various problematic provisions of the European Commission’s proposal. In view of these concerns, the letter calls on European lawmakers to put the EU copyright reform back on track by not only opposing the most damaging aspects of the proposal, but also by adopting a more ambitious agenda for positive reform.

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CDT Co-Signs Letter Calling on Commission to Act Against Germany’s Draft Network Enforcement Law

CDT has signed a joint letter on the draft German law that threatens to fine large social media platforms if they do not react swiftly to take down certain types of content. Together with other civil and human rights organisations, as well as industry bodies representing the Internet technology, we call on the European Commission to ensure compliance of the draft German law with EU law, including the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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Joint Open Letter on Article 13 of EU Commission’s Copyright Proposal

CDT has signed a joint open letter together with other civil society organisations expressing concern over the European Commission’s copyright proposal, in particular its upload filter obligation provision. Article 13 of the proposal forces internet intermediaries to use content identification technology to prevent users from uploading unlicensed copyrighted content. This is a dramatic erosion of the liability protections in the E-Commerce Directive and would negatively impact the free speech of citizens who would see their content blocked even if it is a legal use of copyright content under a copyright exception.

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Concerns on the European Commission's Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) continues to advocate for a progressive, innovation-friendly, and flexible copyright regime in the EU. CDT has advanced these arguments for several years in response to European Commission consultations on copyright, ancillary rights, notice-and-action, and enforcement. However, the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the DSM does not deliver on these objectives.

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Coalition Letter on Copyright Reforms in the EU

A coalition of advocacy groups issues a letter in support of copyright reforms that creates an online environment that promotes innovation, serves consumers and supports creators. They oppose some of the proposed reforms including the creation of a new ancillary right for publishers and any effort to undermine the safe harbour and no-general monitoring obligations of the e-commerce Directive.

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