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Techsplanations: Part 3, What is net neutrality?

Welcome back to Techsplanations, the series explaining the technologies surrounding us. In the next two posts we will look at the concept and principles of net neutrality and some of the ways to preserve them. Net neutrality is the idea that the internet should be neutral towards the information crossing it and should not treat some traffic differently based on what kind of traffic it is, who sent it, or who will receive it.

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On Managing Risk in Machine Learning Projects

Written by CDT summer intern Galen Harrison. The white paper “Beyond Explainability,” published by the Future of Privacy Forum and Immuta, is an attempt to sketch out how, organizationally, one can manage risk in a machine learning (ML) project. The FPF template seems appropriate for most, but not all, ML projects. When considering whether to form a process modeled after this template, practitioners should carefully consider the scope and setting of their ML operations and whether they share this template’s main concerns.

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