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Tech Talk: Explaining the Technology of Mobile & 5G

CDT’s Tech Talk podcast dishes on tech and internet policy. In this episode, we chat with CDT Policy Counsel Stan Adams about the technology of mobile communications. He shares highlights from his series of “Techsplanations” that covers everything from spectrum and network management to 5G and packet switching.

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Everything is Broken—And That’s OK, Because It’s Getting Better

This year’s DEF CON theme, “Technology’s Promise,” was meant to invoke feelings of hope about the benefits of incorporating technology to help solve seemingly intractable problems, such as securing elections. CDT Senior Technologist Maurice Turner writes that his experience at the DEF CON and BSidesLV security conferences reinforced the idea that there is a great opportunity for progress in the election space when communities can come together.

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Standards for Artificial Intelligence Can Shape a More Secure and Equitable Future

Artificial intelligence today is exceedingly powerful. As its capabilities continue to grow, so too does public excitement and government interest in setting standards that will allow artificial intelligence to flourish. In this post, we’ll first discuss the landscape of AI and then how standards for AI might help government, business, research, and society better grapple with an automated future.

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