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Doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons: Article 13 replaces safe harbors with upload filters, which won’t help artists but will hurt the internet

Parts of the music and movie industry convinced European regulators that there is a “value gap” created by some online services. Although several methods of closing the purported gap were proposed, the worst possible solution, in the form of a copyright reform package, survived and is now close to finalization in the trilogue procedure. As part of a larger renovation of EU copyright policies, Article 13 takes aim at some legal safe harbors internet companies depend on at a fundamental level and imposes obligations, such as automated content filtering, that would change the nature of services that profit from user-uploaded content.

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Terrorist content online: Parliament must take time to address the issues Member States did not

On 6 December, the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Ministers rushed through an agreement on a negotiating position on the proposal for a Regulation to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online. When the European Commission published its proposal in September, we called out several problems, namely it’s lack of evidence to justify its necessity and its incompatibility with fundamental rights standards. Unfortunately, Member States did not heed these warnings. While the Council’s text attempts to address some of our concerns, more work is required.

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