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Washington Post: Obama’s Privacy and Cyber Bills Will Test GOP

The Washington Post’s Brian Fung discusses how the nation’s gridlocked legislature handles the president’s tech-infused legislative proposals will tell a great deal about what we expect from Obama’s remaining years in office. CDT’s Chris Calabrase provides his thoughts on the overture.

Obama wants Congress to develop a national standard for data breaches, telling companies how quickly they need to disclose a leak of customer data in the event of a hack. He’s also proposed a bill that would keep student’s electronic data out of the hands of some commercial entities. All of these are relatively popular ideas and have many lawmakers already working on their own versions of a data breach proposal.

“Republicans are clearly acknowledging they need to find areas they need to legislate,” said Chris Calabrese, a policy analyst at the Center for Democracy and Technology. “I think privacy is bipartisan; student privacy is something that people have always embraced.”

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