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President’s Broadband Push Important for Democratic Internet

President Obama continued to unveil his administration’s technology policy goals this week, today unveiling his proposal to encourage greater broadband deployment and investment nationwide, as well as increase competition. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is supportive of the President’s efforts and believes greater broadband deployment and competition are essential to a vibrant, open Internet.

“A free and open Internet depends on clear, targeted rules to prevent unreasonable discrimination by broadband providers. But it also relies on broadband access and competition,” said Erik Stallman, CDT Open Internet Project Director. “Achieving ubiquitous access requires direct investment by the public and private sectors as well as a careful review of state and federal laws and policies that may deter broadband competition and deployment.”

“The Administration’s push to increase deployment and investment in broadband is essential to advancing democratic values in our connected world,” Stallman concluded.