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Privacy & Data

Hacking the Internet of Things looms over CES

USA Today:

The Internet of Things looms large at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, with a host of products and devices wired to send and receive information.

They include everything from connected LED systems that sent messages to store managers about which displays customers are lingering in front of, to a switch that lets parents use a smartphone to turn on the lights in their teen’s room to wake them up — when the parent’s already at work.

Along with these networked devices will come a heaping helping of concern. Several CES panels are devoted to potential problems.

Much of the discussion will focus on two main issues: privacy and security.

First and foremost, all these devices need an on-off switch “so it’s clear to the user when they’re being observed, so they can opt out when they want to,” said Nuala O’Connor, CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology, a Washington D.C.-based privacy rights non-profit.

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