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Privacy & Data

GE Reports/Ideas: It’s the Digital Age –– We Have Rights

Nuala guest writes for GE’s Reports/Ideas:

Every time I hear someone use the phrase the “Internet of Things,” I instantly want to remind them that it is still the Internet of people. Yes, it is becoming the Internet of Everything — everything connected, from our cars to our clothing — but regardless of what is connected, the information being collected is still about us. It’s about the way we communicate, eat, move, live and love.

One of the most important challenges we face today is addressing this reality and making sure that our fundamental rights are respected and protected both online and off. The growing presence of the Internet of Things makes this all the more urgent.

With near-ubiquitous data collection taking place in our daily lives, there is increasing risk of intrusion on our most private spaces and moments. Our right to private thoughts and spaces is critical to self-determination, free expression, individual creativity and nurturing a democratic society.

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