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Government Surveillance

CISPA Moves To House Floor with Critical Flaws

Washington – Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will consider the controversial cybersecurity bill, CISPA. The Center for Democracy & Technology has produced an analysis explaining that it opposes the bill because CISPA would:

  • Lead to an unprecedented and dangerous militarization of the federal government’s cybersecurity program
  • Permit companies to share Internet user information with the government, and with each other, without making any effort to strip out personally identifiable information irrelevant to a cyber threat
  • Invite companies to “hack back” and engage in reckless cybersecurity conduct that causes injury to others
  • Pre-empt all privacy laws (and all other laws) to permit information sharing with the government

The analysis acknowledges and explains improvements made to the bill—including significant limits on non-cybersecurity uses of information shared for cybersecurity reasons—and why the bill is still critically flawed despite these improvements.