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Cybersecurity & Standards

CDT’s Alissa Cooper Named to the Internet Architecture Board

Washington—CDT Chief Computer Scientist Alissa Cooper today was named to the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).  Cooper was selected by the Nominating Committee of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and will serve a two-year term on the IAB.

The IAB is a technical committee that provides architectural oversight to the IETF, one of the world’s premier Internet standards organizations. The IETF creates and maintains core Internet protocols, including the TCP/IP protocol suite. As an IETF advisory body, the IAB serves to ensure the continued health and functioning of the Internet. The IAB also provides advice and guidance to the Internet Society concerning technical, architectural, and policy matters pertaining to the Internet and its enabling technologies.
“We are thrilled that Alissa has been appointed to the IAB,” said CDT President and CEO Leslie Harris. “CDT has been working for years to ensure that technical standards bodies take public interest values into account," Harris said.  
"This announcement reflects Alissa’s dedication to promoting open, innovative Internet standards and provides a unique opportunity for public interest leadership within the technical community," said John Morris, Director of CDT’s Internet Standards, Technology & Policy Project.
Cooper will continue in her current role for CDT while she serves on the IAB.