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CDT Statement on FCC’s Proceeding To Clarify Agency’s Legal Approach to Broadband Internet Access

WASHINGTON—The Center for Democracy & Technology issued the following statement in response to the FCC's call for comments on possible legal approaches to clarify its authority over the Internet's "on ramps" — the physical transmission lines that people use to connect to the Internet:

"The Internet is rapidly becoming the core communications network for the 21st century and it is simply is untenable for the FCC to lack a clear understanding of its oversight of the Internet," said CDT President Leslie Harris.  "The FCC's decision to roll up its sleeves and address this critical issue in a straightforward, thorough, and timely fashion is a better alternative to a series of drawn out legal battles the Commission would otherwise face."

"It is also crucial for the FCC to recognize limits to its authority," said CDT Senior Policy Counsel David Sohn.  "The agency needs to expressly refute and disprove the common rhetorical claim that its efforts here amount to an attempt to 'regulate the Internet,'" Sohn said.  "The 'Third Way' option outlined today can offer a sound path forward from both a policy and a legal perspective."