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CDT Statement on FCC Decision to Move Ahead on Neutrality Rules

Washington, DC — Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology released the following statement on the announcement that the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote later this month on proposed "rules of the road" for preserving the Internet’s open character.  The following quotes can be attributed to CDT President Leslie Harris:

"We commend Chairman Genachowski for recognizing that the time to act is now. The Internet is and should remain a medium that is open to innovation, not one where big network operators get to pick winners and losers.  This rulemaking is about preserving the characteristics that have made the Internet such an overwhelming success. It is a first step but a critical one.

"At the same time, adopting these historic rules will not be the end of the Internet Neutrality debate, it will be just the end of the beginning. The Commission will need to vigorously enforce the new rules. And it will need to address the critical question of protections for wireless Internet users, which appear limited in the current proposal.”