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Government Surveillance

CDT Releases Report Tracking Cybersecurity Policy Review Privacy Action Items

Washington–The Center for Democracy & Technology today released a report to help track the progress of the privacy “action items” contained in the Administration’s recently released Cybersecurity Policy Review. The Review discusses a wide range of issues that the country needs to address in order to ensure that national security, economic and civil liberties interests are adequately protected.

Since the release of the Review, some in and out of government have called into question the government’s ability to protect the nation, the open Internet and privacy simultaneously. CDT strongly believes that all three goals are essential to keep the Internet open, innovative and free.

“With the release of our report, we intend to hold the new cybersecurity office being created by the White House accountable on privacy using the Administration’s commitments as the benchmark,” said CDT Vice President Ari Schwartz.

The action items outlined in the CDT report were derived from the Review and President’s subsequent remarks on the document. The action items that develop from these themes are offered to supplement the Review’s broader near and mid-term Action Plan for the incoming Cybersecurity Policy Official.

CDT’s report, Privacy and the White House Cybersecurity Policy Review, can be found online here.