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CDT Confident Next FCC Chair Recognizes Importance of Open Internet Policy

WASHINGTON — According to news reports, President-elect Barack Obama will soon name Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission.

Genachowski has been the principal technology advisor to Obama throughout the election and transition. He is no stranger to the Commission; he served as general counsel to former FCC chair Reed Hundt during the Clinton Administration.

CDT President and CEO Leslie Harris said: “We are confident that Julius will be a chairman who understands the importance of the open Internet and the need to encourage and support innovation.”

CDT expects that Genachowski’s venture capital background will bring a new sensitivity to the risk that FCC policies and regulations could harm small and upstart innovators that are central to the culture and development of the Internet.

“As the Commission pursues its focus on established and traditional telecommunications companies, it needs to be aware of how its work might impact new and developing technologies,” Harris said.

Throughout Obama’s campaign and then working with the Transition Team, Genachowski’s intimate knowledge of Web 2.0 technologies and strategic use of social networking technologies to create new communities of engaged voters shows he understands the importance of these technologies. From that baseline knowledge, we believe Genachowski will evaluate regulatory policies through the combined lens of innovation, openness and freedom.